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🔧 Automatically fixable by the --fix CLI option.

sort-array-includesenforce sorted arrays before include method🔧
sort-astro-attributesenforce sorted Astro attributes🔧
sort-classesenforce sorted classes🔧
sort-enumsenforce sorted TypeScript enums🔧
sort-exportsenforce sorted exports🔧
sort-importsenforce sorted imports🔧
sort-interfacesenforce sorted interface properties🔧
sort-jsx-propsenforce sorted JSX props🔧
sort-mapsenforce sorted Map elements🔧
sort-named-exportsenforce sorted named exports🔧
sort-named-importsenforce sorted named imports🔧
sort-object-typesenforce sorted object types🔧
sort-objectsenforce sorted objects🔧
sort-svelte-attributesenforce sorted Svelte attributes🔧
sort-union-typesenforce sorted union types🔧
sort-vue-attributesenforce sorted Vue attributes🔧

Released under the MIT License