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Sorting imports and properties in software development offers numerous benefits:

  • Readability: Finding declarations in a sorted, large list is a little faster. Remember that you read the code much more often than you write it.

  • Maintainability: Sorting imports and properties is considered a good practice in software development, contributing to code quality and consistency across the codebase.

  • Code Review and Collaboration: If you set rules that say you can only do things one way, then no one will have to spend time thinking about how to do it.

  • Code Uniformity: When all code looks exactly the same, it is very hard to see who wrote it, which makes achieving the lofty goal of collective code ownership easier.

  • Aesthetics: This not only provides functional benefits, but also gives the code an aesthetic appeal, visually pleasing and harmonious structure. Take your code to the beauty salon!

🖼 Example

ESLint Plugin Perfectionist usage example

Released under the MIT License